Artist Statement

PAINTING…to attempt to reach out / without words / into the unknown and know of us all. It is often unstable, unfixed, fragments of the figure, of architecture, bits of an image, relevant. Put paint on, take it away, embellish, rub it off, add a layer, cover it again, do the dance, struggle, trust, create your truth.


Scent Of the Sea, oil on canvas, 36″ x 30″ This painting was chosen to showcase my process as it relates to my artist statement. The painting took a year to complete. Over 30 layers of oil glazes were used to achieve the dream-like sea fantasy. In Scent Of the Sea, I wanted to paint and capture the sense of smell, how that sense brings us back to that place and time, instantly. The hot smell of the sun on sand, the cool scent off the water as you snorkel, how the scent of the day comes back as you view the colors and patterns under the sea. How you can see then smell and re-experience a day in a second. Have you ever had a scent take you back in time?


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